The 2020 Pioneer Riders

Annie Aul

Call Sign: AA

Has had her eye on the Olympics since she was six. She has put decades of eventing, coaching, and training under her belt.

Chris Maude

Call Sign: CM

Former jockey Chris did the Mongol Derby in 2014 and has been looking for the next adventure ever since.

Clare King

Call sign: CKI

2013 Derby veteran, was asked why she wants to ride in the Gaucho Derby, she replied “Six years, a husband, and two children after the Mongol Derby, I need this!”

Corie Downey

Call sign: CD

Corie brings a plethora of riding experience to the table, from western ranch and rodeo riding, to fox hunting, cross-country jumping, skijoring & sidesaddle.

Courtney Kizer

Call sign: CKZ

Jumper turned endurance rider, a Mongol Derby 2016 veteran, 2018 Race the Wild Coast competitor, and was on the shortlist for the 2017 US Endurance Team.

Dylan Delahunt

Call sign: DD

Dylan supplies his equine expertise for the film and media industries, rode the 2013 Mongol Derby, helped found The Adventurists’ Kraken Cup

Hannah Bicket

Call sign: HB

Riding since she was six, has competed in three-day eventing, represented Great Britain in development squads and has competed in the national championships.

Laura Redvers

Call sign: LR

Lifelong eventer, point-to-pointer and racehorse rider, lived vicariously through her husband’s '16 Derby, Laura is ready for her turn. Riding with Louise Daly.

Louise Daly

Call sign: LD

A lifelong rider, a show horse judge, and Master of the Ledbury hunt, Louise’s horsemanship skills are impeccable. Riding with Laura Redvers.

Lisa Youngwerth

Call sign: LY

Grew up riding in the mountains of Colorado. “Technical terrain is right up my alley. I have experience camping with horses and altitude is rarely a problem".

Chris Petersen

Call sign: CP

Mixed animal vet, mountain guide, packer, endurance rider, horse powered logger, colt trainer, bareback rodeo cowboy, ranch cowboy farrier and polocrosse player.

Marie Griffis

Call sign: MG

2016 Derby veteran. Owns five horses which she rides as frequently as possible, and runs an annual pack trip (22 years and counting) into the mountains.

Charles Van Wyk

Call sign: CVW

Charles, an accomplished endurance rider and trainer, has the distinct honour of being the joint winner of the very first Mongol Derby held in 2009

Nichole Murray

Call sign: NM

Nichole is an experienced rider (trail riding, horse camping) and backcountry camper, she is eager to merge the two into one unique experience in Patagonia

Robert Skinner

Call sign: RS

An amateur point-to-points jockey, has ridden the Grand Military at Sandown seven times. Has ridden the Wessex Yeomanry several times (won once) 2014 Derby veteran

Roberta MacLeod

Call sign: RM

A lifelong rider and racehorse trainer, She has ridden in numerous countries around the world (Mongolia four times) and competed in the 2017 Mongol Derby.

Shirley Haywood

Call sign: SH

Has guided horse tours in Spain, Ecuador, Argentina; and the Andes; rode the 2016 Mongol Derby delivery run, the wild coast of SA and the Canadian Rockies.

Stevie Delahunt

Call sign: SD

A multi-discipline rider with National All-Around AQHA, FEI reining, and Eventing titles, rode the 2014 Mongol Derby, the Wild Coast in SA and the Kraken Cup.

Julie Youngblood

Call sign: JY

A firefighter by trade, Julie is no stranger to backcountry pack trips and wrangling cattle. A Mongol Derby 2012 veteran, she has travelled and lived in Argentina.

Warren Sutton

Call sign: WS

2017 Derby veteran, his equestrian experience includes endurance riding, training in Australia and Thailand, running horsemanship clinics and seminars.

Zsofia Homor

Call sign: ZH

Does classical dressage and trail riding daily. Also experienced show jumper and eventer, has exercised racehorses in Ireland. Runs a horse trek guide in Greece.

Linda Vegher

Call sign: LV

Grew up eventing, but is also experienced in steeplechase, fox hunting, cutting & polo to name a few. She leapt off her last horse in the 2019 Mongol Derby.

Sophie De Selliers

Call sign: SS

Sophie rode the Mongol Derby in 2010. Currently working in San Francisco she is riding with Julie Youngblood who met each other through the Mongol Derby.

Jakob Von Plessen

Call sign: JT

Jako is a super experienced horseman who runs horse safaris in Patagonia and Africa. He wasn't allowed to compete in race class as he helped design the route.