Gaucho 2021

2021 Feb 28 to 2021 Mar 14

What's included?

For your entry fee you’ll be racing in one of the world’s toughest horse races. In fact you will be pioneering it and writing your name in the history books of adventure. You might even just be our first winner.

You’ll get all the horses you need to complete this gargantuan adventure, stood waiting for you spread across the course.

You’ll also have a world class team of veterinarians monitoring the health of the horses. Vet are being stationed ever 40km or so to ensure the horses are never over raced.

You’ll be monitored by satellite at all times and our rescue and medical team will be ready to thunder in and pull you out if something goes south.

You’ll also get a place on Gaucho School to bring up to speed on what you need to know about horses in Patagonia.

In short you will get a place on the most incredible adventure race human and horse can do together.

Apply for the Gaucho Derby

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