The work of 500 people

The Mongol Derby is a massive undertaking. It involves over 500 people coming together to stage the race with around 1,500 horses.

There are families hosting the riders, herders wrangling the horses, vets looking after the horses (and any animal they come across), medics looking after the humans, event managers problem solving all over the place, a country director working tirelessly, horse managers running sections of the course, HQ staff managing the race, a race director, camp managers and camp staff, media crew pumping out content and an army of some of the best translators and drivers in the country.

The 2019 Vets

Jeremy Hubert

Head Veterinarian

Jeremy is a world renowned veterinary surgeon, based in Zimbabwe who has practiced and taught in the US, Australia and the UK. Vetted in 2016, returns as Head Vet

Fred Barrelet


Fred - Swiss born, UK 4* FEI vet - presided at World & Olympic Games & all major events and disciplines. He helped the FEI, help us write our rules 10yrs ago.

Kit Heawood


Kit, UK based, as well as vetting helps us coordinate the team, the protocols and equipment and returns for his second years a Derby vet.


Veterinarian & Horse Manager

Erdenemunkh is a very experienced equine vet who has worked on the Derby for many years. This year he is taking on a dual role managing a section of the course.


Veterinarian & Horse Manager

This is Sansar's first Derby and he joins us as a Horse Manager for part of the course. He is a very experienced equine vet.

Annalisa Barrelet


Annalisa is another 4* FEI vet who has presided at the World Equestrian Games and championships, and has 30 years of exclusively equine practice.

Anna Bowker


Anna from South Africa with extensive equine, works as a stud vet for a leading racing and endurance stable in Abu Dhabi. This is her third Derby.

Cambell Costello


Cozy has vetted the derby a whopping 5 times and ridden it once. He knows Mongolia and the Derby intimately. He has extensive equine and wildlife experience.

Sarah van Dyk


Sarah, an Ausie with 10 yrs practice in the US, UK, and Aus, as well as Government and NGO projects worldwide. She’s a vets endurance races in Aus.

Sarah O'Dwyer


Sarah, hailing from Ireland, is an equine vet with extensive clinical practice at the top referral hospital in Ireland & Australia. She’s an FEI treatment vet.

Grainne Neary


Grainne is a vet at the world-renowned equine hospital Rossdales, & completing a joint PhD and Equine surgery residency at Royal Dick Vet School, Edinburgh.

Kipling Pederson

Understudy Vet to Cosy

Kip from the USA is in his 5th studying vet science at the Royal Veterinary College in London is helping as an understudy to Cozy.

The 2019 Event Crew

Tom Morgan

Race Founder & Director

Tom, race founder, mostly sits in the office in Capital city with a ton of phones, coordinating the moving parts from the satellite trackers.

Shatra Galbadrakh

Head of Operations

Shatra has been with the Derby since the first year and has diligently held together the literal 1000's of moving parts every year.

Maggie Pattinson

Head of Training

Maggs had been running the training camp with military precision since the second Derby. She's also currently Chef d’Equipe of English Endurance racing.

Charles Van Wyk

Event Manager & Referee

Charles won the first ever Mongol Derby and has never quite managed to escape since. He has over a decade of experience wrangling on the steppe.

Louise Crosby

Event Manager

Louise rode the Derby in 20 and has been back many time in many formats and this year joins the team as an in the field event manager.

Jessica Kipp

Rider Event Manager

Jess rode the Derby in XXXXX and we are delighted to have her join us on the steppe this year looking after the riders who end up in the non-race category.

Kathrine Friedley

Deputy Race Director

Kathrine rode the Derby in 2012 and has returned to run the ops room in HQ 3 times. This year she joins us again as deputy race director.

Dulguunsuren Sergelen

Operations Room Assistant

Doogie has been keep the wheels of the ops room going for years. His calm, get-shit-done-ness is a thing of wonder

Erik Cooper

Head of Media

Erik rode the Derby in 2012 and has returned many times in many roles over the years. This time he's getting the stories out of the steppe to you screens.

Candice Sparre

Ops Room Reporter

This year Candice joins us in HQ from Aus to keep the insatiable desire for updates from the race flooding the electro-airwaves.

Sarah Farnsworth


Sarah, a veteran of equine photography joins us this year to send pictures of the lead pack out to the waiting media.

Ian Haggerty


Ian also takes up the mantle of Derby image capturer. It's his job to make sure we have images of all our brave riders.

Rich Brandon Cox


Rich has filmed more adventures than almost any other human and he brings his prodigious talent to the Derby for the first.

The Translators


This team of awesome translators often return year after year are the link between the foreign crews and Mongolia.

The Drivers


Our drivers are the unsung heroes of the Derby. They work tirelessly all hrs of the day in super tough conditions. Their knowledge of the steppe keeps us rolling.

Andrei Gavrilut


Ex French Foreign Legion medic Andrei know how to fix people up in extreme locations. Andrei, Toby and Andy founded Intrepid Medics who are vital to the race.

Toby Gilbert


Intrepid Medic Toby came from the London Ambulance service, has an MSc in Global Health From Maastricht Uni and has been providing medical support worldwide.



Andy started as a paramedic in London before working for NGOs in sub-Saharan Africa and then he moved into remote search and rescue. Andy returns for his 3rd Derby

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