Amy McNamee - AMC

Mongol Derby August 2022

I am a ranch girl from very rural Central Oregon.  I grew up just outside of a tiny town of less than 50.  I started school in a classroom consisting to grades K-8. I have been horseback since before I can remember.  My Grandfather and my parents made sure we had horses from the very beginning.  Horses have been both a hobby and a tool of the trade all of my life.  I currently live just North of the town I grew up in.  My life revolves around my cows, my horses and my border collies.  We love our rimrocks, Juniper trees, and canyons.  As part of our surrounding communities, on of my passions is our local Livestock Association, North Central Livestock Association.  I spend a good portion of my spare time volunteering and fundraising for our local group.  We have a disaster relief fund in the event of wildfire, and have done some specific fundraising for local causes.   I’m excited to set off on this adventure with my friend Shandie Johnson, and we are beyond honored to be able to spend time with the Mongolian people and experience their culture.