Callie King - CKI

Mongol Derby August 2022

Horses have shaped my life.  From pretending the deck railing was my steed as a child to making a career as a trainer and riding instructor, horses have led me from the farm I grew up on in Pennsylvania to riding endurance in the mountains of Colorado, gentling mustangs in California, trekking in Mexico, and numerous adventures near and far.  Ten years ago, I started a publishing company, HorseClass, to ensure my early mornings and late evenings, before and after time at the barn, could be spend looking at videos of horses, as my company creates courses with other equine experts. I am 32 years old, and I currently live in Oaxaca, Mexico, with my Azteca stallion Canelo and miniature Dachshund Freida.  Open spaces, adventures, new people and cultures, and of course, horses, all are highly ranking on the things I love list. So signing up for the Derby seemed like a natural fit. In riding this race, I am raising money for Equitation Initiative, to help provide better medical care for working equids around the world.