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     Way back before this century had reached double digits, the Mongol Derby was cantering onto the World stage. A company called The Adventurists invited a group of 24 riders to set forth on a quest to see if a 1000km race on the backs of thousands of semi-wild Mongolian horses was possible.…

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On The Ground in Mongolia

Each summer 45+ competitors thunder away from the Mongol Derby start line on a 1000 kilometer journey that never fails to capture the imagination of participants and spectators alike. Eyes around the world are glued to screens, following the action, sharing in the triumphs and tribulations of the competitors.   While we are taking a breather…

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Derby Diary #13

Beware the haunted ger   Sometimes you get more than you bargained for out on the steppe. Linda recounts a memorable night and a brush with the supernatural in our 13th Derby Diary: Linda Vegher- “It was Day 3 and we were approaching HS 9. After having two sluggish horses for the first leg, we…

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The Equestrianists

The Mongol Derby and Gaucho Derby are moving to a new home as the founding races of the Equestrianists.

After being created and run by The Adventurists for over a decade, we’re taking the sport we invented – long distance multi-horse racing – and expanding it across the globe with a World Series.

We’re scouring the globe for those few magical places where horses, humans, and history mix. Only there is it suitable for equestrian racing on this epic scale. Races that test the endurance and skill of the rider, where to take part is an achievement, to finish a victory, and to win almost irrelevant.

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