Carla Rasdall - CRA

Mongol Derby August 2022

I  hail from the South- West of England and moved to Jersey in the Channel Islands for a job in 2006. I’m still here… I live with my husband Jeff and Bear the giant ginger cat.    I work full time as Vice President Corporate Governance for Warner Bros. Discovery and before that, I worked for a South African bank and an international  corporate service provider. I started out my working life as a commercial litigation lawyer. I’m generally to be found around horses before work and at the weekends. At one point, I had three horses.  At the moment, I am horseless but satisfy the bug by riding for a local racing trainer.  I ride most days before work (on the beach or the track) and sometimes swim them in the sea.  I’ve dabbled with training my own horse, had a couple of flat races in Jersey, with a bit of jumping, dressage and drag hunting thrown in for fun.  Endurance riding is non existent on the island (5x9 miles in size) so training has been quite challenging. I’ve been following the Mongol Derby for a few years.  I’m hugely excited to be taking part and looking forward to meeting lots of amazing people and horses and having an amazing adventure.