Chloe Dvorak - CDV

Mongol Derby August 2022

Crazy Chloe has ridden too many horses to count. She started in 4H in a small town in Wisconsin, USA in a “horseless horse” project where she learned not only about riding but also the other fun parts of the horse care, like mucking the stalls, bathing, grooming, and unloading the hay on the hottest days of summer. In 4H she rode both English and Western but enjoyed the speed shows the most. Chloe never “out grew” her horse fad and continues to ride throughout the year on the various horses at the same farm she learned to ride on. Chloe works with the Mid-West Horse Welfare group that help rescue and rehabilitate horses. She would help train horses so they were able to be ridden and adopted by others. She trained a mini-horse for the Midwest Horse Fair, unfortunately the fair was cancelled due to COVID. Chloe loves the outdoors and enjoys camping with the horses and going on long trail rides. She is a novice on endurance riding, but did take 1st place in the first ride she did earlier this year.  As soon as Chloe found out about the Mongol Derby she figured out how to apply. She would love to be able to be in the Gaucho Derby and the USA Derby when that is set up. It has been a long wait for her to get to the derby and cannot wait to get on the course!