Sarah Carroll - SCA

Mongol Derby August 2022

Sarah Carroll, 40, Brisbane, Sarah, like most grew up obsessed with horses, however didn't have a horsie family, growing up in a small mining town in the Pilbara, she would ride out to the local Pony Club and insert herself as a barn rat, from their the obsession with horses has grown, the last year in order to train for the Derby Sarah has taken up the sport of Endurance. The idea of being able to ride across land with no fences is one of the most appealing things about the Derby, the rest is pure madness and severe questioning of life choices! "When you're riding you're living. Everything else is just waiting." -Steve McQueen Sponsored by: Pipeline Technics, Profab and Weld, Scenic Rim Cattle Services, Elderflower Farm and Harris Park Warmbloods