Victoria Wang - VWA

Mongol Derby August 2022

Beijing native living in New Zealand.   Although from a non-horsey family, I have been in love with horses since very young, but I did not get many chances to ride in Beijing as there were not many horses in the city. I thought the dream of being around horses was going to fade away after getting a finance bachelor’s degree in university, however, I was lucky to step into the thoroughbred racing industry accidentally, in where my dream came true – now I am working on a thoroughbred breeding farm with hundreds of horses.   I got to know this Mongol Derby from a racing connection back in 2018, and was attracted to it right away. Being a beginner in riding competitions, I just hope I could safely enjoy the whole 1,000km journey as much as possible by making more friends, eating the local food and trying to stay on the powerful “four-wheel drives”.   I rode once or twice when traveling in Inner Mongolia, China where there are open steppes as well, and it felt like you are embracing the pure freedom and totally blending into the mother nature. I miss that feeling so I want to do the Mongol Derby to feel it again.   Apart from horses, I do love traveling to the historical places such as the Egyptian pyramids, Mayan ruins, and Jerusalem etc. My next stop would be Machu Picchu.   The whole world seems to have stopped because of Covid, and I hope 2022 could be a year back to normal life so that I can go visit the people and the places I love.   Can’t wait to meet everybody on the Mongolian Steppes.