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The Equestrianists is here

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Way back before

this century had reached double digits, the Mongol Derby was cantering onto the world stage. A company called The Adventurists invited a group of 24 riders to set forth on a quest to see if a 1000km race on the backs of thousands of semi-wild Mongolian horses was possible. Steeds were gathered from all across vast swathes of Mongolia as the riders from across the globe trickled into the capital city of Ulaanbaatar.

It turned out that it was possible and a new world record was soon established confirming the Mongol Derby as the longest horse race in the World. The stories of endurance set in stone that it was also the toughest. Tough on the riders that is. Gentle on the fine beasts that make it all possible.

Years passed and race after race grew in notoriety. In the background we planned to launch another ultra long distance race – the Gaucho Derby.

And now we’re unreasonably excited to launch the Equestrianists. We’ve split the horse racing arm off into a separate company that’s completely obsessed with and focused on the new sport we created.

Under this new banner, we’re deep into the planning to set up the greatest equine racing series possible on our planet.

Our goal is to find and celebrate those unique places where horses, humans and history coexist in cultures that have defined our relationship with these majestic animals through the ages.

It’s a series of races that will test the horsemanship and endurance of riders in new and unprecedented ways. This is the Equestrianists World Series – the new home of equine adventure races.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we’re letting you in on the fact that we have begun the planning for the next race in the series – in North America. Stay tuned for details…

Tom Morgan


A couple of handy things to know…

If you’ve ever ridden the Mongol or Gaucho Derby you can log into this website using the same credentials you would use to log into The Adventurists.

If you joined the mailing list for the Mongol or Gaucho Derby you are still on it. If not, or you’re unsure, just join the mailing list to stay up to date with all the new goings on at the Equestrianists HQ. (You can’t join twice.)

The Equestrianists

Gaucho Derby